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Raindancer Story

Jimmy Norman MacDonald (Big Jim) helped a friend sail a yacht to the Virgin Islands. He was on his way to the Airport to fly back to Nova Scotia when he saw a sign on a bulletin board.
Wanted crewman for sailboat to sail to Nova Scotia. See Captain Ron at Schooner Raindancer II. 

So Jim found Captain Ron and asked about trip. "Are you a sailor?" asked Captain Ron. "No"said Big Jim, "I am a songwriter". "We could use a songwriter," says Captain Ron and Jim was welcomed aboard. Big Jim had never written a song before but Nova Scotia was a long way off and he had a lot of time to work on it. You can hear the songhere

Rule of the Road for Steamers

Rule of the Road for Steamers
When all three Lights I see ahead ~ I port my helm, and show my Red Green to Green ~ or Red to Red~ Perfect safety ~ Go ahead!
If to Starboard Red appear, It is my duty to keep clear; Act as judgment says is proper~ Port ~ or Starboard ~ Back ~ or Stop her!
But when upon my port is seen A Steamer's Starboard light of Green, For me there's naught to do, but see That Green to Port keeps clear of me.
Both in safety and in doubt I always keep a good look-out; If in danger, with no room to turn, I ease her! ~ Stop her! ~ Go astern! by Thomas Gray, December 1877